Body & Soul Divination Readings

A Body & Soul Divination Reading begins with a 10 to 15-minute conversation about what issue you would like to be the main focus for the session. Then while you rest comfortably, I open into a deeply intuitive state and receive information, often packaged in metaphorical imagery along with the occasional word or phrase. As I share with you these metaphors and my sense of them, we will together unpack their meaning and resonance for you. I will then lead you into a meditation and embodiment practice to further process and incorporate this body and soul medicine.


Benefits of Body & Soul Divination Readings

• Empowerment: You will be given tools uniquely designed for taking care of yourself and handling your particular issue.

• Insight and Clarity: Body and Soul Divination Readings reveal what needs tending in the core layers of your being: in your mind, body and spirit.

• Grounding and Calming: We will discover what gives you a feeling of support both mentally and physically. The power of our collective attention and presence on your state of being will be naturally calming.

• Strengthening Your Mind-Body Connection: You will experience a mind-body integration as I guide your awarness through your body, embodying the metaphorical imagery and intuitive insight–and your own self-discoveries–that arise during the session.

1/2 Off Your First One Hour Body & Soul Divination Reading for $50  


One Hour Body & Soul Divination Reading $100


3-Session Package $255 ($85 each–savings of $45)

Megan's Divination Reading helped a great deal in clarifying what lies beneath some health issues I have been having. I feel like I have been pointed in a new and better direction to continue my healing process! I would highly recommend Megan's insightful and moving work. I look forward to my new path!

Patricia, NJ


I just had a Body & Soul Divination reading with Megan which revealed some powerful messages about my work life path. She shared the images she received, like relating a dream narrative. They resonated very strongly with me, with how I am experiencing my particular challenges and metaphorically what a resolution will look and feel like. Very hopeful, and fun too. I find I am revisting these images like lines in a poem, exploring what more they have to tell me. What a beautiful gift Megan! Thank you!

– Bonnie, WA

Body & Soul Divinations with Megan Brians are a real gift! She gives you a part reading and part healing session, which is truly unique. Megan gave me vivid imagery and symbolism that hit the nail on the head about where I am in my life, giving me both insight and hope. She worked with me on weaving the messages together into a powerful visualization and embodied mediation that could support me moving forward in my life and business in a truly meaningful way. Megan is an experienced healer with a sweet, supportive and calming energy. I highly recommend these fun sessions with her.  

– Janet, Washington DC


I had a divination reading with Megan and many of the themes that she spoke of deeply resonated with me.  They were thoughts and desires that I had kept at bay or tried to dismiss in my life and yet I felt very strongly about.  Megan’s reading crystallized and distilled these themes to the bare bones of who I am and helped me move forward on what truly matters to me.  I recommend a reading with her strongly.  She can set you on the right path and help prepare you for the journey.

– Renee, NYC


I loved my animal retrieval session with Megan last week! It was so interesting and thought-provoking. Megan's energy is comforting and supportive as she relays messages for your journey. Really looking forward to our healing session next week!

– Melissa, NY