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Intuitive Insight & Guidance

Do you desire an opportunity to quiet your mind and body and open to a greater field of consciousness? 

Do you want to dive deeper into the journey of your life?

Let us begin with a brief conversation about where you want to have insight and clarity, help and support. I will then open into a deeply intuitive state and receive insights and guidance. Through empathic dialogue and awareness and embodiment practices, you will be able to incorporate and integrate the body and spirit medicine that has been uniquely formulated for you. By the session's end, you will have gained knowledge, inspiration and tools for taking care of yourself and your well being.

These sessions are conducted either by phone or video call.

Benefits of Intuitive Insight & Guidance

Insight and Clarity Discover what needs tending in the core layers of your self: in your mind, body and spirit.

Empowerment Experience what gives you support mentally, emotionally and physically. Gather tools uniquely designed for you to take care of yourself and handle your particular issue.

Relief of Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm  Quiet your mind and calm your nervous system as you focus your awareness through embodiment practices.

Integration and Strengthening of Your Mind-Body Connection Increase your self-knowledge and understanding as you bring your consciousness into the dynamic relationship of your body and mind.


1/3 Off Your First One-Hour Intuitive Insight & Guidance $80  

Following One-Hour Intuitive Insight & Guidance Sessions $120

3-Session Package of One-Hour Intuitive Insight & Guidance Sessions $240 ($80 for each session)

Book a session by contacting me here.

Payment can be made via Check, PayPal ( or Venmo (@Megan-Brians-Heaing-Journeys).

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your session and receive a full refund, please contact me before the 24-hour period begins.


Healing Journey sessions with Megan are a real gift! She gives you a part reading and part healing session, which is truly unique. Megan gave me vivid imagery and symbolism that hit the nail on the head about where I am in my life, giving me both insight and hope. She worked with me on weaving the messages together into a powerful visualization and embodied mediation that could support me moving forward in my life and business in a truly meaningful way. Megan is an experienced healer with a sweet, supportive and calming energy. I highly recommend these fun sessions with her.  

– Janet, Washington DC


I recently had another incredible phone session with Megan Brians! I highly recommend her as a healer. 
Her Healing Journey phone sessions have been deeply healing for me. This time Megan was able to specifically name and work with important aspects of an issue I was having but couldn’t quite access myself. I had begun with a vague focus and Megan instantly gave clarity to what was a huge blind spot for me. She then went into an inner shamanic journey to gather more information. Music played, then after about 15 minutes­–though it felt shorter–she came back and shared what she discovered about my issue. Along with giving me insights, she helped me with imagery and questions to meditate on in my body.
This session was much different than last one (though just as valuable) as she draws from her many gifts of body knowledge and tools of inquiry that reach different levels. It was profound and helped me articulate what I needed to work on. I would not have been able to get to the depths I reached without her. Thank you Megan!

— Jennifer Hall, SC


I had an intuitive insight reading with Megan and many of the themes that she spoke of deeply resonated with me.  They were thoughts and desires that I had kept at bay or tried to dismiss in my life and yet I felt very strongly about.  Megan’s reading crystallized and distilled these themes to the bare bones of who I am and helped me move forward on what truly matters to me.  I recommend a reading with her strongly.  She can set you on the right path and help prepare you for the journey.

– Renee, NYC


My phone session with Megan was more than I expected. Having had in-person sessions with her, I was a bit skeptical that the presence she would bring over the phone would be as strong, but, if anything, the comfort and privacy afforded by my home setting brought a greater freedom. As the mother to a newborn I was feeling quite unbalanced in my emotions, and the clarity I gained during that one hour session was invaluable to moving on to a new chapter in my life with a greater sense of connection and control over my own destiny. As always with Megan and her centeredness and intuitive guidance, I found myself identifying and overcoming mental blocks in ways I could never have imagined doing by myself. She truly helps you identify and articulate deep rooted beliefs and then helps you find a more spiritual path through, a path that feels natural but that you may never otherwise have discovered.

— Samantha, NY


Megan's Healing Journey session helped a great deal in clarifying what lies beneath some health issues I have been having. I feel like I have been pointed in a new and better direction to continue my healing process! I would highly recommend Megan's insightful and moving work. I look forward to my new path!

Patricia, NJ


I just had an Intuitive Insight reading with Megan which revealed some powerful messages about my work life path. She shared the images she received, like relating a dream narrative. They resonated very strongly with me, with how I am experiencing my particular challenges and metaphorically what a resolution will look and feel like. Very hopeful, and fun too. I find I am revisting these images like lines in a poem, exploring what more they have to tell me. What a beautiful gift Megan! Thank you!

– Bonnie, WA