My path of healing has come from a joy of moving and desire to feel good in my body, psyche and spirit.  While pursuing a professional dance career in my twenties I discovered how profoundly numb I was in my own body. With great serendipity and fortune, I discovered the practice of Continuum Movement. This initiated a process of softening and shedding years of aggregated guarding. As I was able to feel myself more, I increasingly gained self-knowledge and self-trust. I  began to experience and relate to my environment through sensation rather than solely through my intellect. Through a series of Somatic Intuition classes, I learned to be open to words and images that arose in my mind during conversations with people. This exponentially heightened and refined my empathic and relational skills, while at the same time deepened my trust in my own sensibility.

By my mid-30's, I had come a long way from being the physically and emotionally numbed person I once was. However, I was then hit by a massive disruption that sent me into deeper layers of self-discovery and healing. One day after dance class my legs cramped up so severely that I could barely stand or walk. No one knew exactly what was happening. While the pain eventually went away, I remained extremely weak throughout my body. Just a few weeks prior I had been dancing four times a week. Now I barely had the energy to get from work to home. Within the same year I was attacked by several teenagers and had to move out of my home due to a terrible bed bug infestation. While I retained some sense of humor as I doggedly went through my days, I was most often in a deep pit of depression. 

It took six years all together with the help of many healing friends and allies to emerge from that pit and fully regain my health. In fact, I achieved a quality of physical and mental health and energy that had not existed before. I emerged from this healing process with three important principles: 

* Self-nurturance. Not only did I learn dietary nourishment for myself (one of the reasons my body had “crashed”), but I learned how much nourishment I needed for my spirit and psyche in all aspects of life. To nourish myself daily is an absolute necessity and I fiercely advocate nourishment for everyone I know.

* The Healing Power of Imagination. I freed my imagination from the fetters of strict rational thinking, re-discovering an imagination that once thrived when I was a child. I imagined characters, settings and scenarios that bolstered and nourished me–creating a vital pathway of healing.

* Communion with Spirit and Nature. As I opened myself to the channels of my imagination, I felt the support of Spirit surrounding me. I believe Spirit is what helps feed me when I work intuitively with my clients. Spirit, of course, is very much alive in Nature and provides me much nourishment as well as many lessons about the nature of being. 

These three principles are fundamental to my work with my clients. And the foundation to these principles is attentive listening: what needs attention and what kind of care does it need? It is in this act of listening where healing begins. 


Licenses & Certifications                                                                                                                                                               

Licensed Massage Therapist, 2015

Reiki Level I & II, 2012

Polarity Therapy, 2006

Gyrotonic Instructor, 2005

Pilates Instructor, 2001


Studies & Practices 

Somatic Movement & Dialogue*

Continuum Movement and Embodiment Practices with Mary AbramsSusan Harper (Heart of Belonging, Perceptual Body and Body of Relating) and Emilie Conrad; Embodied Enquiry and Transformative Dance with Zuza Engler; Somatic Intuition with Ron D'Angelo, Ellen Krueger and Dana Forbes at the Soma-Psyche Institute; Conscious Dance classes in Soul Motion and 5 Rhythms


Polarity Therapy at the Soma-Psyche Institute; Reiki with Robert Volinsky; Massage, Connective Tissue Therapy and Shiatsu at the Fingerlakes School of MassageOrtho-Bionomy with Rosa Rodriguez and Gary Lee Williams.

Mind-Body Movement

Alexander Technique with June Ekman and Judith Gradowitz; Gyrotonic Expansion System with Maria Holm and Young-Ah Kim; Pilates at the Kelly Cane Core Integration School; T'ai Chi with Maggie Newman; Modern Dance with various NYC teachers; Ballet with Christine Wright and Zvi Gotheiner; Yoga at Now:Yoga at Shala Yoga; Anatomy with Irene Dowd

* According to The Center for Somatic Studies, "soma is a living process by which our bodily sensations, movements, perceptions, emotions and thoughts form a whole of experience."