Movement for You

* Re-aligning your body and re-patterning your movements for increasing ease as you move through your daily life; decreasing strain and discomfort in your body; learning healthy ways of moving and living in your body for more pleasure and less wear and tear as you age.

* Gaining strength, mobility and balance.

* Deepening your relationship with your body; gaining awareness of your anatomy and physiology; the more you know, the more you have a way to work with your body in a cooperative way; increasing enjoyment of being in your body;.

* Awakening and developing your perceptual senses: enriching and enlivening your experience what it is to be a living body in this world; gaining a sense of belonging and being in relationship to your context in a wide variety of environments; gaining a feeling of grounded-ness; improving your ability to savor experiences and feel satiation.

* Learning affective expression for releasing pent-up energies of emotion and affect that can lodge in your body, creating tensions and distress; gaining a healthier flow of physical/emotional expression as you move through your day; gaining a sense of play; increasing range of expression to match the full breadth of who you are.

* Gaining and deepening the ability to feel and track sensation in your body: improving your ability to feel signals from your body and make healthy choices for your physical and emotional well-being; gaining a more embodied presence in the now rather than residing in a mental future or past; gaining your ability to feel how environments and human interactions flow through your body, thereby gaining insight and understanding of why you are react or behave in a variety of situations.

* Learning vibratory sounds and breathing techniques: calming your nervous system, releasing tension, increasing good feeling in your body; relaxing tissues and opening pathways for increased energetic flow, internal physical communication and improved alignment.