Megan is not just a wonderful bodyworker, she offers medicine for the soul. Her sessions are never cookie cutter. She reaches deep within, bringing her vast expertise, imagination and diverse training to support and encourage ease of movement—and she does this with compassion, encouragement and joy. Along with the tangible results of improved alignment and moving with more ease, I often experience a meditative state, tapping into the exquisiteness of life and leaving feeling as if I have encountered myself anew.                                                                                                                                                                     

— Melissa, NYC


Megan's Body & Soul phone session helped a great deal in clarifying what lies beneath some health issues I have been having. I feel like I have been pointed in a new and better direction to continue my healing process! I would highly recommend Megan's insightful and moving work. I look forward to my new path!

Patricia, NJ


My sessions with Megan are powerfully healing. Megan's combination of bodywork and processing through stories, metaphors and visual imagery helps me connect to a deeper intelligence in myself. Recently, she helped me see and feel the connection between my physical discomfort and the emotional stress that was going on in my work and family life. With Megan tapping into what was going on and helping me shift my perspective, she was able to shift the energy in my body and in my situation. All of my bodywork session with Megan are wonderfully healing, insightful and transformative. I highly recommend her work to everyone!   

— Brian Pinkney, NYC


I recently had another incredible phone session with Megan Brians! I highly recommend her as a healer. 
Her Body & Soul Journey Phone sessions have been deeply healing for me. This time Megan was able to specifically name and work with important aspects of an issue I was having but couldn’t quite access myself. I had begun with a vague focus and Megan instantly gave clarity to what was a huge blind spot for me. She then went into an inner shamanic journey to gather more information. Music played, then after about 15 minutes­–though it felt shorter–she came back and shared what she discovered about my issue. Along with giving me insights, she helped me with imagery and questions to meditate on in my body.
This session was much different than last one (though just as valuable) as she draws from her many gifts of body knowledge and tools of inquiry that reach different levels. It was profound and helped me articulate what I needed to work on. I would not have been able to get to the depths I reached without her. Thank you Megan!

— Jennifer Hall, SC


I really enjoyed Megan’s process for spirit animal medicine. I found her to be an effective and embodied conduit for the messages that wanted to be relayed to me. Megan feels safe and supportive, an effortless ally to unfold with. She has a knack for listening closely, distilling information and reflecting back potent encapsulations or possible home practices. I highly recommend Megan for anyone seeking attuned guidance. 

— Eugenia, CA


Megan is a fantastic healer who has reduced my pain through her combination of gentle hands-on and energetic bodywork. Often I have left my session with Megan incredibly restored with a calmer mind and feeling happily embodied. She is a true healer whom you'd be fortunate to be able to work with!                                                                                      

—Stacey Klein, NYC


I just had a Body & Soul phone session with Megan which revealed some powerful messages about my work life path. She shared the images she received, like relating a dream narrative. They resonated very strongly with me, with how I am experiencing my particular challenges and metaphorically what a resolution will look and feel like. Very hopeful, and fun too. I find I am revisting these images like lines in a poem, exploring what more they have to tell me. What a beautiful gift Megan! Thank you!

– Bonnie, WA


My Power Animal Retrieval with Megan helped me focus my thoughts and feeling during an important time in my life.. She gave me plenty of time and space to explore what her information about my animal meant to me. I felt supported as I explored connections and found new pathways and landscapes. Megan did not pretend to know the answers. Rather, she masterfully held me so that I could track and discover the value and significance of my animalNext time I'm at a crossroads or even wanting time just to reflect, I will touch base with Megan and see which spirit animal comes forth to support me.

Rachel, CA


My bodywork treatments with Megan came at a time in my life when I was contemplating a daunting change which had left me feeling overwhelmed, scattered and weary.  I was hoping to achieve a sense of calm & centeredness from my sessions—which did occur—but most notably, what I experienced was a deep and unexpected sense of JOY. Suddenly I was able to see my position and the decisions I had to make from a whole new & joyous perspective. What was set to be a strife-ridden period of my life, became instead an exciting and wonderful journey. I will be forever grateful to Megan and her amazing healing energy.    

— Samantha Hamilton, Owner of Simple Skin Spa



So grateful for the power animal reading I had with Megan. She is very intuitive and has a multitude of trainings which she has seamlessly woven together. She put a great amount of care and energy into the journeying process. In sharing Megan went into detail recounting her initial messages and the signs she gathered. It was a very profound experience for me to reflect with Megan. I took in her findings and related to each of the many aspects she had to offer. It was absolutely wonderful! Thank you Megan!

— Danielle, NY


I recently had a power animal retrieval session with Megan, and the insights I received had a deep impact for me.  It's wonderful to have the image of this animal to help me focus my energy and to point me towards embodying powerful, yet disowned aspects of myself.  Megan is deeply intuitive and she sensitively facilitates processing in the session with a balance of active and receptive energies.  If you have an opportunity to experience working with her, do it!

—Elaine, NYC


Megan's work is deeply sensitive with a perfect mix of skill and intuition. Each session with her is completely rejuvenating and the effects last long afterward. After a debilitating round of shingles, sessions with Megan have brought back range of motion to areas of deep nerve and tissue aggravation. Her work has also greatly contributed to restoring and strengthening my immune system, increasing my range of motion, and easing my emotional distress. I highly recommend Megan's healing touch to everyone.                                                                                                                                                                

— Mary Abrams, Continuum Teacher and Owner/Director of Moving Body Resources


I love Megan's work. She combines her knowledge of human physiology with the deep intuition of her heart. Several weeks ago I made an appointment because I had a severe muscle spasm in my neck. As she began to move my head and neck into different positions, I felt the pain and discomfort melting away and I was able to move my head and neck much more freely—more than I had experienced in weeks! Afterwards, my neck spasm was gone and I felt a deeper peace than I had felt in a long time. 

—Elizabeth, NYC


Megan has a unique, intuitive approach to bodywork and movement. She has an enormous capacity to hold sacred space while attending to her clients. Her powerful insight that softly shares support one's sense of safety, comfort and willingness to move deeper in the a healing experience. Bodywork with Megan fully engages the body, mind and spirit. After each session with Megan, I feel deeply integrated with a sense of peace and deep connection to myself.

— Michelle Cohen-Cote´, MA, RMST/E, Found of the Movement Forest


My phone session with Megan was more than I expected. Having had in-person sessions I was a bit skeptical that the presence she brings would be as strong over the phone, but, if anything, the comfort and privacy afforded by my home setting brought a greater freedom. As the mother to a new born I was feeling quite unbalanced in my emotions , and the clarity I gained during that one hour session was invaluable to moving on to a new chapter in my life with a greater sense of connection and control over my own destiny. As always with Megan and her centeredness and intuitive guidance, I found myself identifying and overcoming mental blocks in ways I could never have imagined doing by myself - she truly helps you identify and articulate deep rooted beliefs and then helps you find a more spiritual path through, a path that feels natural but that you may never otherwise have discovered.

— Samantha, NY


During my pregnancy, Polarity Therapy with Megan was the primary healing modality I enjoyed on a regular basis to keep my energy in balance. Megan's ability to listen to my subtle energetic needs–and that of my growing little one–and fine tune us both, set me at ease and allowed me to be energetically available for my own patients. A tremendous support during times of change, highly recommended.                                                                                                                                                                                          

— Joy Oriol, Acupuncturist