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Benefits of Pilates & Gyrotonic®


Private Session in Bend, OR $80

10-Session Package $750

Private Session In NYC $130


I first started training in Gyrotonic with Megan about one and a half years ago. At the time, I was suffering from unbelievable low back and sciatic pain. I was having trouble sleep and I was taking very strong anti-inflammatories and nerve pain blockers with mixed results. I also have scoliosis and I have a rod in my mid thoracic to lumbar spine.

After my first few session with Megan, I proclaimed her a "witch" in the best sense of the word: just by watching me walk in the room or by placing her hands on my body, she knew what was happening in my body and knew what exercises I needed to do to correct my issues.

More time than I can count she has manipulated my alignment by making slight adjustments that have made my muscles work a little bit harder and build their strength. I have worked with many "trainers" over the years and Megan is much more than that.

Megan is an extremely gifted bodyworker. She is caring and dedicated to helping her clients achieve their personal goals for their body. I no longer take any prescription pain medication, I sleep better and as a result I have more energy. I have even gone back to martial arts.                                                                                                                                                          

— Dorothea Bongiovi, NYC


Megan's work is brilliant. I began seeing her a few years to change a lifetime of poor alignment and reduce my longstanding back and neck pain. She is gifted with a brilliant analytical eye and offers an extensive array of knowledge, skills and talent in movement education and bodywork. Megan is highly intuitive and at the start of each session is able to tune into my body and psyche in an incredibly accurate way, discerning which part of my body needs work and attention at that time. She is kind, gentle, compassionate, incredibly patient, creative and deeply committed to my wellbeing and goals and I trust her completely with my body (my body loves her work!).

Her wide variety of exercises have supported my newly developing alignment and movement patterns, greatly reduced my pain and helped me de-stress when life has gotten hectic. Our work together has also helped lead me to insights about some of the psychological and emotional functions in my habitual movement patters. Megan has both encouraged and helped me take risks to explore new options for ways of moving and being in relation to others, which as a psychotherapist I value immensely.

— Stacey Klein, NYC 

I was suffering from a long-standing, painful sciatic nerve condition when Megan was recommended to me. After a series of Gyrotonic and rehabilitative exercises and bodywork sessions, I regained full mobility and ease of movement. My balance is better, my core is stronger and my alignment is improved. I am indebted to Megan and applaud her commitment, knowledge, experience and insight–GRANDE.

Jerry Kamitaki, NYC


I have been an enthusiastic client of Megan for over 10 years, starting with Pilates, then switching to Gyrotonic, and often had bodywork sessions as well.  She has made a huge difference in my body and mind, and taught me to have a much better awareness of my body in relation to the surrounding space.  Being affected by scoliosis, her training and expertise has also been quite effective in improving my posture and at the same time strengthening my back.  The training with Megan doesn't finish at the end of the session, but is carried out in my daily life in all my activities. It has never become a routine exercise, every session can be a different experience and opportunity to better understand and improve your physical self.  I highly value her dedication and genuine effort to improve your well being, and she has definitely succeeded with me.

— Dario Gargiulo, NYC


Megan is one of the most gifted and dedicated teachers I have worked with. Focused, passionate and always encouraging, I find myself looking forward to our weekly sessions. Under her tutelage, I have a gained more flexibility, better core strength and better overall body awareness. She was instrumental in helping me regain my strength after undergoing a C-section to deliver my son 4 years ago.

— May Matta-Aliah, New York City


All sorts of longstanding, even life-long issues I was unaware of or did not know how to address are now clearly on my radar. I stand straighter–and when I don't, at least I know it, which is no small improvement. I've learned to engage my abdomen and am less likely to stress or injure my back as a result. My Gyrotonic sessions with Megan have been terrific.

— Gustavo Suarez, New York City


Megan is a wonderful teacher because she’s sensitive to the individual needs of her clients. I have herniated disks in my upper back accompanied by arthritis in my shoulders and knee joints. I learned from Megan how to release the tension in my upper back, and how to initiate leg movements in my ankle and hip joints. As a result, I walk more easily.

— Isa Goldberg, New York City