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Soul Wisdom Tarot

Are you seeking a fresh perspective or deep insight into your life journey?

Do you need guidance and clarity for a particular issue?

Let us draw from the tarot deck and discover the soul wisdom that is available for you. While tarot has been traditionally used as a means for fortune tellingwe will use it as tool for learning about what nourishes and supports your unique body and spirit. You can ask to address a particular issue or for a general draw and I will receive information and insights through a deep intuitive dive. Then together we will explore the tarot's messages of guidance and support for your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

These sessions are conducted either by Skype or phone call. They are 75 to 90-minutes long.


Soul Wisdom Tarot $180

Follow-Up 60-75 Minute Session $120

Soul Wisdom Tarot Package: Initial Session $150 + 2 Follow-Up Sessions $220 for a Total of $370

Book a session by contacting me here.

Payment can be made via Check or PayPal (info@meganbrians.com).

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your session and receive a full refund, please contact me before the 24-hour period begins.


Megan holds a kind and gentle presence in a deep journey with wisdom, creativity, and an intuitive reflection that opens doors to understanding. She made space for parts of my inner process that were waiting to be held and seen from her wise and compassionate heart. Thank You! 

— Frank, CA


Megan has a keen eye for catching subtle, specific messages in whatever deck she is using. I’ve been continually surprised by how she transforms card images into answers that I somehow knew within but wasn’t consciously clear about. I leave our sessions feeling like I’ve had therapy, massage, and a good cathartic cry on a dear friend’s shoulder, all in one — and always, I feel more in touch with myself, who I am, and what I want. 

— Chris, OR


Megan was clear that she wanted me to leave our session with practical steps and clarity about how to solve several problems I wanted help with. I’m not even sure I can describe how exactly she works but this was certainly an entirely different experience than, say, getting a “reading” from one of those neon-lit shops in NYC.

Megan somehow intuitively spoke to several things I’ve been struggling with since childhood. And she brought in a body-awareness that was a little uncanny. (For example, during the session, a particular part of my body came to her mind in relation to a card she’d drawn for me. I’d never thought about it before, yet surprisingly I found myself in tears. It feels like an important meditation for me.) I’d consider Megan as a resource to help me get clearer any time I feel stuck or in need of some guidance. 

— Cathy, NY


Megan offers caring, intuitive guidance that you’ll find relevant to your specific life situation at hand. She led me to some profound insights that had me look at some challenges I’m going through in surprisingly new ways. She is a generous and talented guide, and I wholeheartedly recommend Megan as a key support during a time of challenge or change.

— Amy, WA