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Spirit Animal Retrieval

What spirit animal is coming to you to give inspiration, protection and guidance?

Is there an animal that keeps appearing in your life?

Would you like to know what it is saying to you?

Spirit animals bring gifts of inspiration and support. Some are lifelong allies while others show up to help you through a particular time in your life. I will gather messages from your spirit animal and draw further insights from Earth Magic oracle cards. Together we will explore the profound medicine your spirit animal has for your body, mind and spirit. 

These sessions are 90-minutes long and conducted by video call.


Spirit Animal Retrieval Reading $180 (Includes a PDF sent to you with notes and pictures from your reading.)

Follow-Up 30-Minute Session $50

Spirit Animal Retrieval Reading with Two Follow-Up 60-Minute Body & Soul Insight & Guidance Sessions $400 (Save $20)

Spirit Animal Retrieval Reading with Four Follow-Up 60-Minute Body & Soul Insight & Guidance Sessions $610 (Save $50)

Book a session by contacting me here.

Payment can be made via Check or PayPal (with fee).

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your session and receive a full refund, please contact me before the 24-hour period begins.

Free Consultation

Book a free 10-minute phone consultation with me to find out how a Spirit Animal Oracle could benefit you


I recently had a power animal retrieval session with Megan, and the insights I received had a deep impact for me.  It's wonderful to have the image of this animal to help me focus my energy and to point me towards embodying powerful, yet disowned aspects of myself.  Megan is deeply intuitive and she sensitively facilitates processing in the session with a balance of active and receptive energies.  If you have an opportunity to experience working with her, do it!

—Elaine, NYC


I just had a power animal retrieval session with Megan. Her wisdom and sharp intuition was evident throughout the session as she generously listened and shared, always mindful of how things were landing for me. Her deep insights and skills as a healer and facilitator left me excited, deeply inspired, expanded, alive and powerful. Megan has given me a precious gift which will allow me to experience and express myself from a new and whole place. 

— Katie, NYC


So grateful for the power animal reading I had with Megan. She is very intuitive and has a multitude of trainings which she has seamlessly woven together. She put a great amount of care and energy into the journeying process. In sharing Megan went into detail recounting her initial messages and the signs she gathered. It was a very profound experience for me to reflect with Megan. I took in her findings and related to each of the many aspects she had to offer. It was absolutely wonderful! Thank you Megan!

— Danielle, NY


My Power Animal Retrieval with Megan helped me focus my thoughts and feeling during an important time in my life. She gave me plenty of time and space to explore what her information about my animal meant to me. I felt supported as I explored connections and found new pathways and landscapes. Megan did not pretend to know the answers. Rather, she masterfully held me so that I could track and discover the value and significance of my animal. Next time I'm at a crossroads or even wanting time just to reflect, I will touch base with Megan and see which spirit animal comes forth to support me.

— Rachel, CA


I loved my animal retrieval session with Megan last week! It was so interesting and thought-provoking. Megan's energy is comforting and supportive as she relays messages for your journey. Really looking forward to our healing session next week!

– Melissa, NY


I really enjoyed Megan’s process for spirit animal medicine. I found her to be an effective and embodied conduit for the messages that wanted to be relayed to me. Megan feels safe and supportive, an effortless ally to unfold with. She has a knack for listening closely, distilling information and reflecting back potent encapsulations or possible home practices. I highly recommend Megan for anyone seeking attuned guidance. 

— Eugenia, CA