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Long-Distance Healing Journeys

Are you in a life transition and looking for guidance?

Do you need direction and clarity for your life path?

Join me in conversation about where you want to have clarity and direction. I will then open to Spirit, and use my intuitive and empathic listening skills to provide you insights and focus for both your mind and body. We will journey together as you gain knowledge, inspiration and tools for taking care of your concern and your well-being.

These sessions are 60 minutes long and conducted by phone or video call.

Benefits of Long-Distance Healing Journeys

Insight and Clarity Receive insights and directions of focus for your the parts of your life where you need clarity. Discover what needs tending in the core layers of your self: in your mind, body and spirit.

Empowerment Gather tools uniquely designed for you to take care of yourself and handle your particular issue. Experience what gives you support mentally, emotionally and physically.

Relief of Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm  Quiet your mind and calm your nervous system as you focus your attention and awareness.

Integration and Strengthening of Your Mind-Body Connection Increase your self-knowledge and understanding as you bring your consciousness into the dynamic relationship of your body and mind.


Long-Distance Healing Journeys $150

3-Session Package $420 ($140 per Session)

6-Session Package $720 ($120 per Session)

Book a session by contacting me here.

Payment can be made via Cash, Check or PayPal (with fee).

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your session and receive a full refund, please contact me before the 24-hour period begins.

Praise for Long-Distance Healing Journeys

My Healing Journey session with Megan was impactful. She helped me hit a restart button at a time when I felt stuck, lost and needed a big shift in life perspective. Her reading was both extremely accurate and extremely powerful. Megan uses a unique combination of tools, visual imagery, and bodywork that connected with me and resonated with me in a way to restore my authentic self. Her intuitive style is warm, inviting and playful. I really enjoyed working with her and I highly recommend her as a coach.

— Carroll Nelligan

Intuitive insight sessions with Megan are a real gift! She gives you a part reading and part healing session, which is truly unique. Megan gave me vivid imagery and symbolism that hit the nail on the head about where I am in my life, giving me both insight and hope. She worked with me on weaving the messages together into a powerful visualization and embodied mediation that could support me moving forward in my life and business in a truly meaningful way. Megan is an experienced healer with a sweet, supportive and calming energy. I highly recommend these fun sessions with her.  

— Janet, Washington DC


I recently had another incredible phone session with Megan Brians! I highly recommend her as a healer. 

Her intuitive insight and guidance phone sessions have been deeply healing for me. This time Megan was able to specifically name and work with important aspects of an issue I was having but couldn’t quite access myself. I had begun with a vague focus and Megan instantly gave clarity to what was a huge blind spot for me. She then went into an inner shamanic journey to gather more information. Music played, then after about 15 minutes­–though it felt shorter–she came back and shared what she discovered about my issue. Along with giving me insights, she helped me with imagery and questions to meditate on in my body.

This session was much different than last one (though just as valuable) as she draws from her many gifts of body knowledge and tools of inquiry that reach different levels. It was profound and helped me articulate what I needed to work on. I would not have been able to get to the depths I reached without her. Thank you Megan!

— Jennifer Halls, SC


I had an intuitive insight reading with Megan and many of the themes that she spoke of deeply resonated with me.  They were thoughts and desires that I had kept at bay or tried to dismiss in my life and yet I felt very strongly about.  Megan’s reading crystallized and distilled these themes to the bare bones of who I am and helped me move forward on what truly matters to me.  I recommend a reading with her strongly.  She can set you on the right path and help prepare you for the journey.

— Renee, NYC


My phone session with Megan was more than I expected. Having had in-person sessions with her, I was a bit skeptical that the presence she would bring over the phone would be as strong, but, if anything, the comfort and privacy afforded by my home setting brought a greater freedom. As the mother to a newborn I was feeling quite unbalanced in my emotions, and the clarity I gained during that one hour session was invaluable to moving on to a new chapter in my life with a greater sense of connection and control over my own destiny. As always with Megan and her centeredness and intuitive guidance, I found myself identifying and overcoming mental blocks in ways I could never have imagined doing by myself. She truly helps you identify and articulate deep rooted beliefs and then helps you find a more spiritual path through, a path that feels natural but that you may never otherwise have discovered.

— Samantha, Owner of Simple Skin Spa


Megan's intuitive guidance session helped a great deal in clarifying what lies beneath some health issues I have been having. I feel like I have been pointed in a new and better direction to continue my healing process! I would highly recommend Megan's insightful and moving work. I look forward to my new path!

— Patricia, NJ


I just had a reading with Megan which revealed some powerful messages about my work life path. She shared the images she received, like relating a dream narrative. They resonated very strongly with me, with how I am experiencing my particular challenges and metaphorically what a resolution will look and feel like. Very hopeful, and fun too. I find I am revisting these images like lines in a poem, exploring what more they have to tell me. What a beautiful gift Megan! Thank you!

— Bonnie, WA


We could all benefit from delving more deeply and more frequently into the self-care that Megan’s sessions provide. Immediately following our session I felt stronger and more grounded and capable. It’s both Megan’s openness and equanimity that together create the safe, supportive environment for a deep and subtle self-exploration.

 — Peyton Biederman, Yoga Instructor,


Soul Wisdom Oracle Reading + Long-Distance Healing Journeys

I will draw from tarot and oracle cards to discover the soul wisdom that is available to you. We can focus on a particular issue or do a “general draw” and see what Spirit wants to share with you. While tarot has been traditionally used as a means for fortune tellingwe will use these cards as a tool for learning about what nourishes and supports your unique situation, body, spirit and life path. Together we will discover and explore the messages of guidance and support for your well-being.

Initial oracle reading is 90-minutes long and the following Long-Distance Healing Journey sessions are 60-minutes long. All sessions are conducted by video or phone call.


Soul Wisdom Oracle (includes a PDF sent to you with notes and pictures from your reading) with Two 60-Minute Long-Distance Healing Journey Sessions  $460

Soul Wisdom Oracle with Four 60-Minute Long-Distance Healing Journey Sessions $660

Book a session by contacting me here.

Payment can be made via Check or PayPal (with fee).

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your session and receive a full refund, please contact me before the 24-hour period begins.

Praise for Soul Wisdom Oracle

 I have been to many different healers, astrologers, intuitives and body workers over the years and I must say the session I participated in with Megan Brians was a powerful experience like I've never had before! This was an all-encompassing sensory healing, leaving me with knowledge, understanding and a sense of completion of a familial situation I had long struggled with.

First Megan did the reading for me ahead of time from a few different decks (which was already different than other readings I have had when the cards were pulled and read in front of me in real time). Then Megan spent the time to interpret and research the cards she had pulled and sent photos and notes in a document ahead of time so that I could have them in front of me during our Skype session. 

She also sent two songs to listen to during parts of my reading. Having the beautiful visuals of the cards in front of me at the same time with the music playing allowed for me to process on a deeper sensory level as Megan explained the reading.

We also had a bodywork session a few weeks later to complete what had come up in the reading. During the bodywork—which was more of a healing session rather than a typical massage or acupressure—Megan lead me on a journey where I felt I was able to finally clear an emotional issue that had been stuck in my body for years. 

I highly recommend Megan Brians. Her caring and unique style is truly her own manifestation of powerful healing and transformative work.

— Cathy, NYC

Megan offers caring, intuitive guidance that you’ll find relevant to your specific life situation at hand. I’ve been continually surprised by how she transforms card images into answers and profound insights about the challenges I’m going through that I somehow knew within but wasn’t consciously clear.  She also makes sure to give me clear practical steps and clarity on how to solve or address these problems.  

After our sessions I feel like I’ve had therapy, massage, and a good cathartic cry on a dear friend’s shoulder, all in one — and always, I feel more in touch with myself, who I am, and what I want. Megan is a generous and talented guide, and I wholeheartedly recommend Megan as a key support during a time of challenge or change.

— Chris, CA

Megan holds a kind and gentle presence in a deep journey with wisdom, creativity, and an intuitive reflection that opens doors to understanding. She made space for parts of my inner process that were waiting to be held and seen from her wise and compassionate heart. Thank You! 

— Frank, CA


Spirit Animal Retrieval + Long-Distance Healing Journeys

Spirit animals bring gifts of inspiration and support. Some are lifelong allies while others show up to help you through a particular time in your life. I will gather messages from your spirit animal and draw further insights from Earth Magic oracle cards. Together we will explore the profound medicine your spirit animal has for your body, mind and spirit. 

Initial Animal Sprit Retrieval session is 90-minutes long and the following Long-Distance Healing Journey sessions are 60 minutes long. All sessions are conducted by video or phone call.


Spirit Animal Retrieval Reading (includes a PDF sent to you with notes and pictures from your reading) with Two Healing Journey Sessions $460

Spirit Animal Retrieval Reading with Four Healing Journey Sessions $660

Book a session by contacting me here.

Payment can be made via Check or PayPal (with fee).

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel your session and receive a full refund, please contact me before the 24-hour period begins.

Praise for Spirit Animal Retrieval

I recently had a power animal retrieval session with Megan, and the insights I received had a deep impact for me.  It's wonderful to have the image of this animal to help me focus my energy and to point me towards embodying powerful, yet disowned aspects of myself.  Megan is deeply intuitive and she sensitively facilitates processing in the session with a balance of active and receptive energies.  If you have an opportunity to experience working with her, do it!

—Elaine, NYC


I just had a power animal retrieval session with Megan. Her wisdom and sharp intuition was evident throughout the session as she generously listened and shared, always mindful of how things were landing for me. Her deep insights and skills as a healer and facilitator left me excited, deeply inspired, expanded, alive and powerful. Megan has given me a precious gift which will allow me to experience and express myself from a new and whole place. 

— Katie, NYC


So grateful for the power animal reading I had with Megan. She is very intuitive and has a multitude of trainings which she has seamlessly woven together. She put a great amount of care and energy into the journeying process. In sharing Megan went into detail recounting her initial messages and the signs she gathered. It was a very profound experience for me to reflect with Megan. I took in her findings and related to each of the many aspects she had to offer. It was absolutely wonderful! Thank you Megan!

— Danielle, NY


My Power Animal Retrieval with Megan helped me focus my thoughts and feeling during an important time in my life. She gave me plenty of time and space to explore what her information about my animal meant to me. I felt supported as I explored connections and found new pathways and landscapes. Megan did not pretend to know the answers. Rather, she masterfully held me so that I could track and discover the value and significance of my animal. Next time I'm at a crossroads or even wanting time just to reflect, I will touch base with Megan and see which spirit animal comes forth to support me.

— Rachel, CA


I loved my animal retrieval session with Megan last week! It was so interesting and thought-provoking. Megan's energy is comforting and supportive as she relays messages for your journey. Really looking forward to our healing session next week!

– Melissa, NY


I really enjoyed Megan’s process for spirit animal medicine. I found her to be an effective and embodied conduit for the messages that wanted to be relayed to me. Megan feels safe and supportive, an effortless ally to unfold with. She has a knack for listening closely, distilling information and reflecting back potent encapsulations or possible home practices. I highly recommend Megan for anyone seeking attuned guidance. 

— Eugenia, CA

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